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Kingston Chapter

President: Marina Oikonomou

Vice President: Marie Wright

Recording Secretary: Eleni Zikovelis

Corresponding Secretary: Paraskevi Angelis

Treasurer: Maro Papadakis


Irene Gotsis 

Eleni Zekios 

Anna Bartzis 

Pamela Mardicis

Fay Gkotsis

Margarita Daniil

Maria Bellousis

Mary Anagnostopoulos

Christina Panopoulos-Rowe

Nia Pakis 

Advisor to the Board:  Afro Ioannidis


  • As the name indicates the “Philoptochos” (Greek, for Friends of the Poor) is a women’s organization that practices Christian charity by helping those who need the spirit of fellowship and material assistance.


  • Philoptochos also aids people who are poor in spirit, poor in health, poor in emotional stability, poor in companionship, and those poor in whatever is needed to lead a fulfilling life. Philoptochos is the right arm of the Orthodox Community and is always prepared to assist whatever and whenever needed.


  • Philoptochos retains its Greek identity and nourishes its roots in the Greek Orthodox Church. It continually supports the use and teaching of the Greek language and promotes the Greek Orthodox Faith.


Membership is $25 per year

“Whatever you do for yourself dies with you. Whatever you do for others goes on forever.”


Let’s work together

Older members need compassion and faith to step aside and get younger members on the Board.


Younger members need compassion and respect for those who have given their life to Philoptochos.


Each needs to recognize and articulate the inherent and considerable value of the other.

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